Integrating considerations of equity, fairness and justice into the Israeli cost-benefit analysis - Draft final repor

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Dr. Karel Martens
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Environmental Simulation Laboratory,Tel Aviv Uni. / Transport Today & Tomorrow
This report presents the results of the project ‘Nohal Prat and social justice’ carried out on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Transport. The aim of the project was to assess how equity considerations can be addressed in the adjusted Israeli cost-benefit analysis (Nohal Prat). The report is based on an extensive literature survey, as well as on an analysis of cost-benefit analyses used in a number of countries around the world. 
The project is part of the larger effort to update the Nohal Prat, the second version of which was published in 1996. Recently, a first update was presented by the Ministry of Transport. In the second stage of the update effort further changes will be made to create a Nohal Prat that can stand the test of time for a number of years. This new Nohal Prat will address key elements relevant for the evaluation of transport projects, such as environmental externalities, inter-modal comparison, and also equity impacts. 
The current project was produced under guidance of Amalya Padon of the Ministry of Transport, and Nir Sharav, consultant to the Ministry. Their valuable comments and suggestions have substantially contributed to the current report. However, I take full responsibility for any mistakes or analytical flaws that may be contained in the text.