Research Programme Operations and Management Evaluation of the pilot programme of Station Travel Plans

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RAIL SAFETY AND STANDARDS BOARD, Marcus Jones, Transport Research Laboratory
This report presents the results of an evaluation of the ATOC and RSSB pilot programme of 24 Station Travel Plans (STP) covering 31 stations, which started in 2008. In 2011, TRL and The Railway 
Consultancy were commissioned to carry out an evaluation of the pilot programme. The objectives of the study were to:
1. Determine whether the pilots have been successful in delivering the four main objectives of the programme, (modal shift, increased patronage, CO2 reduction and improved customer    satisfaction)
2. Determine why the pilots have (or have not) succeeded
3. Produce clear guidelines for how to develop successful Station Travel Plans going forward
4. Provide guidance to RSSB and its members on whether and how to use Station Travel Plans as a partial measure for the industry's performance in providing an end-to-end journey