Integrating equity considerations into the Israeli cost-benefit analysis

Dr. Karel Martens
The publication: 
This report represents the second output of the project ‘Nohal Prat and social justice’ carried out on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Transport. The aim of the project was to assess how equity considerations can be addressed within the Israeli cost-benefit analysis (Nohal Prat). The project was part of a larger project aimed at revising the Nohal Prat. 
The guidelines presented in the report are based on an earlier report, titled ‘Integrating considerations of equity, fairness and justice into the Israeli cost-benefit analysis’ (June 2006). Background informationunderlying some of the choices made in this report can be found there. 
The guidelines were produced under guidance of Amalya Padon of the Ministry of Transport, and Nir Sharav, consultant to the Ministry. Their valuable comments and suggestions have substantially contributed to the current report. However, I take full responsibility for any mistakes or analytical flaws that may be contained in the text.