About us

Transport Today and Tomorrow was founded in 1998, in order to change transportation policy in Israel and promote the development of sustainable transport system which is based on high-quality public transport, walking, cycling, carpooling and other alternatives to the private car. Our mission is to encourage the State of Israel to provide those various transport solutions, which will reach the needs of all its residents and secure the social and economic growth of underprivileged communities and peripheral towns.

Transport Today and Tomorrow is the leading civil organization in the field of transportation and serves as a bridge between organizations and local grassroots activists in this field and the Ministries of Transportation and Finance. 

Our main strategies are:

1.     Serving decision makers, planners, researchers, civil society organizations, activists and the public by building a catalog of information and tools that includes policy papers and practical guidebooks, our web-based database, conferences, seminars and field tours, and consultancy among others.

2.     Empowering activists and local grassroots activity in the field of transport.

3.     Working with, rather than against: engaging decision makers on the national and local level to adopt a comprehensive vision which favors sustainable transport.

4.     Bringing together the key actors for implementation of a sustainable transport (ST), such as the Ministries of Transport and Finance, local authorities, public transport operators and civil society, to create a constructive discourse and an operative framework, through public events such as the main national conference of the annual Public Transport Day.

5.     Developing incentives to encourage employers for to use ST solutions for commuting.

Amongst our strategic partners are: Israel Ministries of Transport, Finance, Health and Environmental Protection, The Transportation Research Institute - Israel’s Institute of Technology (Technion), the Association of Municipal Engineers, environmental and social organizations and others.

Left to right: Rinat Tal - Project Manager, Noam Van der hal - Field Coordinator and Tamar Keinan - Executive Director, at the Public Transportation Day event, 2011