A Transport Vision for the State of Israel

Transportation and land policies in Israel are influenced by a number of bodies including: the Ministry of Transportation, local municipalities, planning committees and a number of others. Today, it is well understood that the method of demand forecasting and building roads to meet the ever growing demand, is very costly, not practical and wasteful at the economic, environmental and transport levels. It is also well understood by all, that solutions which support sustainable transport need to be found.


‘Sustainable Transport’ is a title often used by various parties in their transportation planning at the national, local and municipal levels. But what is the proper content for this title, and how can the concept be implemented in Israel? In the “Transport Vision for the State of Israel” project are leading a process of deepening the public debate in Israel on sustainable transport with the aim of defining the objectives that correlate with such a vision and identifying the actions that are in harmony with that vision.


We anticipate this project having the following activities:


  • Consolidation of a transport vision for the State of Israel, according to a comprehensive deliberation process being held amongst volunteers and the board of Transport Today & Tomorrow.
  • Consolidation of policy papers in matters related to sustainable transport, to be made available to and used by decision makers and planners who are interested in promoting a sustainable transport vision.
  • Organization of a “Leadership in Transport” Conference, which will highlight the debate and the dilemmas related to private car usage as opposed to local and inter-city alternatives.
  • A professional conference and coordination of Public Transport Day.
  • Conduct meetings between staff of Israel Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety and the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection.


Transport Today & Tomorrow has been leading the public debate promoting sustainable transport for the last several years as well as coordinating and leading Public Transport Day with the full cooperation with The Ministry of Transport. The Ministry has even invited the organization to be a member of the committee evaluating a congestion toll, the committee evaluating reforming public transport, and others.


The volunteers of the organization consist of professionals who work as planners in local authorities, academia and consulting companies; they are relevant agents of change working at the ground level.

Public Transportation Forum

Transport Today and Tomorrow is leading this forum of organizations, which collaborate for the first time in order to raise the status of the public transport users among the priorities of the Israeli government, and to bring about a public transport to serve the needs of the entire population and as an appropriate alternative to the private car. The members of the forum include environmental and social organizations, organizations for the rights of people with disabilities, for the promotion of public transport in the Arabic sector, and for the religious (Haredi) sector. The project's goal is to create a synergetic forum in order to realize the potential embodied in each of the organizations, to lead together a significant change towards Sustainable Transport in Israel.

Transport Today and Tomorrow initiated this project out of the acknowledgement we have reached, among the environmental NGO's dealing with transport, the professional and mental framework to ensure the success of the process. The collaboration with organizations from outside the movement, with different interests for promoting public transport, had provided even greater opportunities to a practical cooperation.

In this project we will raise the level of professional knowledge and connections within the organizations; deepen the dialogue started between the organizations, to create a high level of coordination and a mutual use in the capacities of other organizations; and develop, plan and execute a joint activity aimed at decision makers, public transport operators, and the public.

Walking towards the future

The oldest mode of transportation in the world is walking. Over the last decade, we have become accustomed to driving to the grocery store and to the post office, and our children don't know how to get to school anymore by walking. One tenth of the commutes in private cars within the city are less than 1 km. This becomes a burden on the transportation system.


Contemporary high-tech and society allow us to live without walking anywhere. For that reason, walking will usually take place out of choice. Walking will be chosen when it's preferred over other means of transportation and provides a better experience.


Walking is essential for our health and contributes to the proper physical and cognitive development of children. Walking does not pollute, nor consume parking space and fuel, and it is the complementary mode for public transportation.
Pedestrians are the essence of urbanity. Their presence or absence indicates the quality of urban space.


Transport Today and Tomorrow has placed as a goal to act towards creating a pleasant and safe environment for walking, as part of the implementation of the vision of sustainable transportation.


Projects goals:
1. To raise public awareness about the quality of public space and its ability to encourage local identity, community feeling and walking.
2. To influence decision makers in order to promote high quality public spaces.

About us

Transport Today and Tomorrow was founded in 1998, in order to change transportation policy in Israel and promote the development of sustainable transport system which is based on high-quality public transport, walking, cycling, carpooling and other... Read more...

Our vision

Our vision is based on the following principles for developing transportation system:
• Providing all individuals with an equal and optimal accessibility to attain social, cultural and financial activities, based on the principle of social justice.
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