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Central London Congestion Charging, Impacts monitoring- Fifth Annual Report / part-2 MAYOR OF LONDON 2007 Parking policy, חניה Transport for London PDF icon -central-london-congestion-charging-impacts-monitoring-part-2.pdf
Central London Congestion Charging, Impacts monitoring- Fifth Annual Report, part-1 MAYOR OF LONDON 2007 Parking policy, חניה Transport for London PDF icon -central-london-congestion-charging-impacts-monitoring-part-1.pdf
Integrating considerations of equity, fairness and justice into the Israeli cost-benefit analysis - Draft final repor Dr. Karel Martens 2006 Transport environment and society, Policy and planning in transport, תחבורה, סביבה וחברה, מדיניות ותכנון תחבורה Environmental Simulation Laboratory,Tel Aviv Uni. / Transport Today & Tomorrow PDF icon martens_2006_-_final_report_nohal_prat_06-2006.pdf
Car ownership levels by income deciles Karel Martens 2006 General, כללי PDF icon car_ownership_levels_by_income_deciles.pdf
Response to cash outs for work place parking and work place parking charges Paul Watters, Margaret O’Mahony, Brian Caulfield 2006 Parking policy, חניה Centre for Transport Research, Trinity College Dublin PDF icon watters.pdf
London Congestion Pricing, Implications for Other Cities Todd Litman 2006 Parking policy, חניה Victoria Transport Policy Institute PDF icon litman.pdf
Effect of Auto Restraint Policies on Travel Behavior Yoram Shiftan and Arnon Golani 2006 Parking policy, חניה PDF icon effect-of-auto-restraint-policies.pdf
ESTC Yearbook 2005: Safety and Sustainability European Transport Safety Council 2005 Transport environment and society, תחבורה, סביבה וחברה
Effects of restrictive parking policy on the development of city centers Karel Martens 2005 Parking policy, חניה Ministry of Transport PDF icon martens-2005---effects-of-restrictive-parking-policy.pdf
Making London a Walkable City 2004 Walking Transport for London and Mayor of London PDF icon walking-plan-london.pdf
Transit Capacity and Quality of Service - Manual Transit Cooperative Research Program 2003 Public transportation, תחבורה ציבורית, רמת שירות, service level Transport Research Board
European Standard - EN 13816/2002 2002 Public transportation, Policy and planning in transport, חוקים ותקנות, מדיניות ותכנון תחבורה, רמת שירות, service level European Union
Bike & Ride Karel Martens 2002 Bicycle, אופניים PDF icon bike-and-ride.pdf
Instrumental- reasoned and symbolic affective motives for using a motor car Linda Steg, Charles Vlek, Goos Slotegraaf 2001 General, כללי PDF icon hani--symbolic-affective-motives-for-using-car-motor.pdf
Helping drivers out of their car S. G. Stradling, M.L. Meadows, S. Beatty 2000 Policy and planning in transport, מדיניות ותכנון תחבורה PDF icon hani--helping-drivers-out-of-their-car.pdf
Modeling the Response to Parking Policy Yoram Shiftan and Rachel Burd-Eden 2000 Parking policy, חניה PDF icon modeling-the-response-to-parking-policy.pdf
International charter for walking 1999 Walking PDF icon charter_walk21.pdf
Transport in Israel and Palestinian Territories World Transport Policy and Practice 1999 General, כללי PDF icon world_transport_policy_and_practice_1999_-_transport_in_israel_and_palestinian_territories.pdf
The Downtown Parking Syndrome: Does Curing the Illness Kill the Patient? Richard Voith 1998 Parking policy, חניה Business Review. January-February PDF icon brjf98dv.pdf
Evaluating the effects of cashing out employer- paid parking: Eight case studies Donald C. Shoup 1997 Parking policy, חניה Transport Policy, Vol. 4, No. 4, pp. 201-216 PDF icon -donald-c.pdf
Transport Policy and the Environment: Six Case Studies Barde J-P and K. Button (Eds.) 1990 Parking policy, חניה Earthscan, London